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SoulFull Art Workshops

Have you ever felt a wonderful sense of wholeness when you walk on dewy grass, watch the sun rise, or whilst strolling in a forest? It's the feeling of being encapsulated and supported by something that makes your heart warm and your soul sing...


SoulFul Art Workshops take place in a safe and nurturing space where you are gently guided to access this portal to the essence of your unique creative source. A theme is provided and on arrival in the lovely garden studio setting, we open with a discussion and a guided meditation, followed by a breathing exercise and then we walk meditatively through the labyrinth. We emerge in a relaxed state and then begin to paint spontaneously and joyously knowing that our inner creative connection to source is expressing what needs to be known.

The benefits are felt right away. A sense of calmness and deep awareness of your process emerges as you observe yourself without judgement or analysis. The process releases tension and slows your heartbeat bringing a sense of peace. From this deep meditative space it is possible to see solutions to puzzles and pathways through problems that can then be applied to your life going forward. 

SoulFul Art is a deep and personal process and your privacy is ensured as all your fellow SoulFul artists are bound by their knowing that you will hold and respect their space as you do theirs.

Doing SoulFul Art is a practical and kinaesthetic way to access that which you cannot hear from your deeper and intuitive self, those aspects of your authentic self that want to emerge in order for you to live a more effective life, especially on the emotional and spiritual levels.


You are invited to bring your inner artist, and to express the fullness within you.


"It is not simply creating something that is associated with spiritual themes; it is a practice that aims to support a spiritual growth on the journey towards self realisation or truth." ~ Mochita Har-Lev



Leonie 2019-02-19.jpeg

"SoulFul Art has become one of my regular spiritual practices because of the benefits I feel from doing it. Not only has it improved my creative ability and expression but it has also given me a safe and gentle way to access and process my emotions. It is a beautiful and meaningful experience working with Jayni that has changed my life!" 

– Leonie M

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