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Intuitive SoulPath Consultations

Facilitation & Mentoring

You have probably heard of chakras and perhaps you also know that they are vital centres that receive, transform and distribute energy of varying frequency throughout the body. Your own personal signature  frequencies arise through your experiencing life physically in your body, that feels deep emotions, thinks sentiently, and searches for (divine) meaning. Collectively these frequencies make up the aura - a dynamic container and a reflection of you and your life experience as it is in the moment and that extends at least a metre outside your body. Everything that has ever happened to you is also reflected in your aura in layers, a bit like an onion. I can read the aura intuitively.

So what happens when you have a session with me?

There are two components:

Once your session is booked and paid for, the session is done either in person, or virtually by video call. First send me an email outlining a specific issue you need mentoring and clarity on. Then in our session, as you speak your story, your aura will swirl and change, and start to reflect the narrative - as images, symbols, colours and patterns. I will ask questions pertinent to what I am seeing in your energy field in order tor me to guide and mentor you as we journey through the layers that have grown around the issue over the years, decades and beyond. If the issue is complex and has multiple layers, several sessions may be required to effectively address the issues
that arise.

The other component is a unique soul portrait. Once we have worked through aspects of the issue that presents, I will create a pastel drawing of relevant healing frequencies I see in your aura. This drawing is your SoulSong or aura-graph, which is looked at meditatively morning and evening as directed - it will assist with the issue on an unconscious level.

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