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About Jayni

Jayni has practiced as a soul-wellness consultant and guide since the 80's, and has the natural ability to perceive and interpret the human energy field with a special focus on the chakras. She offers participants guidance and a safe space in which to creatively explore their potential in order to earnestly – and with some humour – pursue independence and individuation in order to collaborate meaningfully towards the collective benefit of our planet.

A life-time student of philosophy, art, movement, comparative religion/spirituality and also a careful observer, Jayni has developed a fluid westernised (non-religious) interpretation of the chakra system which is influenced by the Jungian notion of individuating through creative imagination, archetypes and self-knowledge that ultimately serves as the bridge to shared unity. 


The participants’ transformative and creative growth and development is facilitated by a range of classes and courses. These encourage the participant’s mindfulness of self as a whole, through guided meditations, art-making, therapeutic movement and follow-up consultations if desired.

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