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Creative Meditation (Online)

How would you like to take a journey into your own source of intuitive creative resourcefulness?


Wouldn’t it be good to get yourself out of obsessive overthinking and physical lassitude?


You can! 


Creative Meditation uncovers infinite possibilities that lie dormant in each one of us and when accessed and activated, enable the transformation of feelings, thoughts, and behaviour patterns that no longer useful.


The meditation is an hour long and you will be gently guided though four phases:


1. Breathe into your silent centre 


2. Activate your body wisdom through movement


3. Imaginatively follow your intuition and access possibilities, insights and wisdom  


4. A short silent integration meditation brings the session to a close.

I will  be available for ½ hour after the meditation for feedback and Q&A

Regular Creative Meditation sessions may well destress, relax your body, mind and soul and create space for transformation of old, tired patterning that keeps you on the treadmill of the ‘sad-bad-mad’ cycle.

Take a whirl into your inner world of pure energy and activate your creative imagination super-powers! 


Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash
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