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Feelings and thoughts are explored through guided visualisation, breath-work, labyrinth walking and art making. The focus is on the process and not the product. No art experience is required; it’s all about having fun, relaxing and allowing whatever comes up to be spontaneously expressed.


Chakradance is a therapeutic meditative movement practice which guides us into the fullness of our authentic expression via the seven chakras. The combination of sound healing, movement and mandala art focuses on balancing the chakras, relaxing the body and creating a sense of well-being overall.


Creative Meditation (ONLINE)

uncovers infinite possibilities that lie dormant in each one of us and when accessed and activated, enable the transformation of feelings, thoughts, and behaviour patterns that are no longer useful.


Disruptive issues are our Soul's way to call attention to an energy imbalance in our auric field –

a dynamic, vibrating container which reflects our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects.

In a typical SoulPath session (available ONLINE), I will intuitively read and interpret your issue's resulting energy patterns and will guide you to a better understanding of how to gradually restore the balance employing a range of spiritual wellness tools.

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