About Jayni

Passionate about the World of Energy, Vibration and Frequency, both corporally and spiritually – I offer my natural ability to see energy fields as well as facilitation skills to reveal your own unique evolutionary energy patterns.


Born spiritually aware in the mid-fifties – a time of profound spiritual emergence – and treading on Earth as light-ly as I can, I offer my services as a facilitator of process art, moving meditation and a SoulPath mentor. I am able to read, interpret and illustrate ‘a-slice-of-your-life’in your energy system using vibrant colour, form and symbols.


My meta-physical skills are drawn with gratitude from Spirit, long-time experience and old-fashioned learning. I have studied Fine Art, Montessori Education, NLP; Applied, Educational & Nutritional Kinesiology; Professional Chef; Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection; Clinical Hypnosis; Reflexology; Aromatherapy & Massage; Energy Healing; ChakradanceTM – a moving meditation; and Applied Jung.


I have facilitated spiritual evolution since about 1981, run an edu-centre for ‘Indigo’s’, made and shared some awesome festive food and created specialized menus for retreats. I have painted and sculpted and printed a bit, done graphic design and illustration, run creative movement, art and meditation classes and workshops. I also celebrate with champagne, and lead walking meditations in labyrinths and I built one in my garden…


Life is to be lived; and to the fullest of your capacity!


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